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Table Top 6″ Channel Letter Bender

  • This tool will bolt down to your bench.  
  • Hold the return down on the jaws and start bending.
  • Designed for the Sign Industry
  • 1/3 less time to form a letter compared to an old-fashioned brake

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6″ Manual Bender

CLN designed our entry-level manual bender specifically for the sign industry. This 6-inch vertical bender forms letters much faster than a conventional brake because the letters can be bent in any direction without removing the material from the bender. The material also automatically lines up in the self-squaring brake, eliminating the need to draw square lines.
Our manual bender is extraordinarily easy to operate, too. It doesn’t require electricity or compressed air. A foot pedal controls the clamp, which holds the material in place for brake bends, and a conveniently located roller helps form the radiuses. The bender is also safe because the material lies horizontally on the table away from the operator’s face.