CNC Router Tables

The frames of our router tables are fully welded and made of high-grade steel, not aluminum. As a result, they are more durable and noticeably quieter. Steel frames also greatly reduce vibration so cuts are cleaner and smoother, and bits don’t break easily like they do with less sturdy router tables.
The feeds rates are also significantly faster, so operators can do more in less time, which maximizes profits. Our router tables are surprisingly affordable and a great value, especially since one table can truly last a lifetime. To keep costs down even further, we recommend the right table based entirely on your application, so clients only buy what they need.

Our state-of-the-art CNC Router Tables are manufactured in standard and custom sizes to accommodate your needs. If you can use a desktop computer, you can use our router tables. Our easy to use motion control system is one of the most user-friendly systems on the market.

CLN CNC HS - 25 Router Table

The S-20 Series CNC router table is our entry-level model and the most economical. It shares many attributes of our HS-25 Series model, including the steel frame for durability and dependability. The S-20 Series is the ideal introductory CNC router table for many uses, and businesses often never need a more powerful machine.

The V – 12 router table has a large 12″ Gantry. Auto-Mising Lubrication System keeps things running smooth. The Vacuum Pump Hold Down System and Chip Collection System keeps your work surface clean.

The sky is the limit, pre-equipped with a spindle, knife, and camera. Available options include an In-Line Tool Holder, Auto-Misting Lubrication System, Chip Collection System Pop-Up Stops , and like all of our tables, customized bed sizes.

The HD-30     When a taller clearance is required this table has a large 24″ Gantry. May different options can be installed on this machine.