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CLN’s CNC Channel Letter Bender – Fusion Plus

  • The only truly production machine on the market
  • Clamping Die Plates for Sharper Bends
  • Roll Forming tools for Smooth Radius’s
  • Standard 1/4″ Drain Hole Punch
  • The shear is at the end of the bending process, so there is No Wasted Material.

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Channel Letter Benders
We Have the Right Bender for any Production Level.
Channel letters are a big part of storefront advertisement. They make up over 65 % of all storefront signage.
The average letter size is 16”. The smallest letter you would want to sell on a storefront is a 6” letter, this letter
can be seen from the best impact of 60’ and a total max readable distance of 200’ away.

The CLN Fusion and CLN Fusion Plus machines will manufacture channel letters 1/3 faster than any machine on
the market. With its dual-loop servo drive system speed and accuracy is certain to make your channel letter
department profitable again.

The latest in high-quality machines is the remarkable channel letter bending machine the FUSION, this has set
the bar in the industry. With the patented rotating clamping dies, this machine bends sharper corners. When it
comes to the radiuses the machine opens its jaws and exposes the roll forming technology, feeding the
material through a roller system creating smooth radiuses. We have moved the shear to the end of the bending
process so there is no wasted material. We have installed a ¼” drain hole punch to eliminate costly mistakes.
“Lights Out Operation Mode” for the fastest way to complete your job.

CLN also has incorporated an Articulating Cutting Wheel (ACW) for the material with an inside profile. Material
like Letter Edge, or many imported materials. The machine is called the FUSION PLUS.

It also has a manual bender for lower production levels, “the machine that started it all” the CLN 6″ BENDER.