CLN’s Plasma table CUTS THROUGH STEEL WITH SURGICAL PRECISION. Our plasma tables are a cut above in every imaginable way. Their heavy-duty welded steel frames and gantries minimize vibration for precision cuts. Drive systems are rack and pinion, bearings glide effortlessly over the high-speed linear rails, and the planetary gearboxes eliminate the need for belts, so our plasma tables withstand the test of time. At the heart of each plasma table lies a Hypertherm® torch, the industry’s undisputed leading brand. Plasma tables include an industrial controller with torch height compensation and material height touch-off to optimize performance. Tables also have a built-in material library to maximize cutting speeds and feeds. Upgrades are available for projects that require an HD torch for extremely detailed cuts or a stronger power supply to handle thicker steel. A collection system can be added to remove gas and fumes, and hand-held controllers are available for greater mobility.